Sept 19, 2016

Whew! Two weeks down! I hope things have gone exceptionally well for you, and that you and your students are settling into your school routine.

This year I will once again be available to help with integrating technology into your classrooms. This can take the shape of meeting with you/your team before, during or after school – to plan, review or learn, or it could be co-teaching, team teaching, or providing support for you. Please contact me to find ways to utilize technology in your teaching, locate & organize new tools & resources, and to find 21st century solutions to classroom problems.

Although people often see my focus as being on technology, I would really like to stress that it is not the technology, but the learning objective that I see as the highest priority. Technology should help you teach, save you time, and help your students better understand the goals and objectives of your lessons. Technology should make your life easier – not harder! My goal is to manage that with you.

My Upcoming Schedule:

I will be in Park Rapids Schools Monday – Wednesday, Sept 19-21, and I will be in Nevis on Thursday, Sept 20 from 1 – 5:30. Please feel free to contact me at any time via my cell phone (320-241-6150), my home email (, Park Rapids email ( or Nevis email (

Scheduled Classes:

Please see the next page for the complete list of classes being held in Park Rapids and Nevis Schools this fall. It is perfectly fine for teachers to attend a class at either district! In order to reserve a spot in the class, please send a quick email to indicating your plan to attend. I am happy to hold every class regardless of the number of attendees, but if no one is coming I’d like to know that ahead of time and I will cancel the class. Thank you!!

The classes I am scheduling are two hours in length. There is no charge for any class. There will be a sign-in sheet for CEUs. If you are unable to attend the entire two hours, feel free to stay for as long as you can.

Thursday, September 22 at Nevis School: Questions & Work Time

Thursday, September 28 at Century School, Park Rapids: Questions & Work Time

Questions & Work Time

Trying out Google Classroom and need some questions answered? Can’t remember what you learned last summer in a tech class? Need some time to set up some classroom technology? This class is for you! There will not be a formal presentation, but instead Laurie will be there to answer questions and provide assistance.

Google Tip:

Using Google Classroom? To save yourself headaches in the long run, one thing you’ll want to do is to create simple and consistent naming conventions for every assignment you add. Consider including the semester or school year to keep things organized. Example: #021 Unit 1 Quiz  (To have them display in alphabetical order, number them 001, 002, 003…) It’s not too late to begin this practice if you haven’t already done so, and you’ll be so happy you did when you go to locate your materials!

What is SAMR?

SAMR is a framework through which you can assess and evaluate the technology you use in your class.

In a substitution level, students are using new technology tools to replace old ones. An example would be using Google Docs to replace handwriting. The task (writing) is the same but the tools are different.

Though it is a different level, we are still substituting but with added functionalities. Again using the example of Google docs, instead of only writing a document and having to manually save it and share it with others, Google Docs provides extra services like text-to-speech and auto saving.

This is the level where technology is being used more effectively not to do the same task using different tools but to redesign new parts of the task and transform student learning. An example of this is using the commenting service in Google Docs, for instance, to collaborate and share feedback on a given task.

If you are to place this level in Blooms revised taxonomy pyramid, it would probably correspond to synthesis and evaluation as being the highest order thinking skills.  Students would convey analytic thought and incorporate multimedia tools.

Here it is explained in a quick two-minute video:

Curricular or Calendar Links:

The Teacher’s Corner is a great resource for monthly activities. Check it out here:

You might also want to check them out for daily writing prompts, pen pal activities, seasonal bulletin board ideas and much more.

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