Discovering Wakelet

The newest tool that I’m excited about is Wakelet! Earlier this spring, as our school and district’s community education programs went to distance learning, I was asked how a department could easily share a bunch of videos. I have never been completely thrilled with YouTube’s channel feature, feeling that it is hard to use and lacks flexibility. Thus began a search for a tool that would provide a fixed location for this department to post not only their videos, but any other resources they hoped to share.

I had run into Wakelet earlier, but really wasn’t familiar with it until I read a few tweets praising its ability to easily share out links and videos, so I decided to take another look.

Am I ever glad I did!

Wakelet is amazing! It is a free tool that provides a simplified layout of your resources and allows you multiple collections, which is awesome. You can learn more about the simplicity of Wakelet here:

A wonderful collection of all the ways Wakelet can be used in schools can be found here:  Thank you Robin Thompson for putting this one together!!

The exciting part of Wakelet is that all of these collections can be shared with others – and then can be collaborators if you so choose! What a wonderful way to provide your learners with everything they need to be successful!

You can explore some of the curated collections here: but the power of Wakelet is creating your own. Sign up for your free account and try it today!

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