Google Classroom: Tips for Attaching Files

Click here for the PDF

What types of files can be attached:

**Google files from your Google Drive

[Google Drive files don’t need to be moved or saved in any additional format. Simply create your assignment/material post, select the dropdown menu to Add From Google Drive, and save. The document you’ve selected (whether a Google Doc, Sheet, or slide) will save to the student’s Google Classroom folder in his/her Google Drive.]

**Any PDF file (from your Google Drive, or attached as a File)

[Converting a file to PDF allows ANY COMPUTER OR DEVICE the ability to view or print the document. Google extensions like Kami and TextHelp allow students to write directly on the PDF, and save it as a new PDF to submit.]

**Any image file and video files in .mp4 and .mov

Do not attach files from Publisher or from Smart Notebook, as these files only will open if the student has the application on his/her computer, and most do not have those applications. Save these files as PDF. Do not attach files from Mac applications Pages, Numbers or Keynote without converting to Google Files.

You must select the way you want files shared with your students through the dropdown menu!

Google Forms:

When students submit a Google Form in Google Classroom it will automatically mark the assignment as done ONLY if the Google Form is the ONLY link in the assignment. If you add any other resources to the assignment it will not automatically mark as done.

Grading Tip:

If your students have submitted their assignment as a PDF, you can open it again using Kami or TextHelp and write all over it. You can respond to students, draw on it, whatever you want, and then when you’re done, save as a PDF and send back to the student. It’s slick – and doesn’t require you to open up an email or some other document to reply to the student. Plus, the student can see their own errors and your corrections, your comments, the points they earned, the grade, etc. directly on their assignment.

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