Better Together 2019

Destiny Discover Google Chrome Extension:

Click and search for any title in your library from your Chrome Internet browser.

Google Chrome Library Extension:

Pull up the title of a book in Amazon or Barnes and Noble and this neat little extension will let you know if that title is in your neighborhood library…and if it’s available! All avid readers need this handy tool!


Get your whole school involved in reading and recommending books to eachother! Create challenges to keep track of their reading progress. Biblionasium is a fantastic way to celebrate reading all year long!!

Overview video:

Plus: Connecting your Destiny catalog to Biblionasium is an option (fee-based)


Consider a monthly newsletter to highlight “Library Learning” (what’s happening in your busy world), “Creating a Culture of Reading”, and “Thank You’s” (to recognize your volunteers & donors). Doing this electronically allows you to easily email and post your newsletter.

Smore is an easy way to create newsletters! You can use their free version, or pay $79 per year for an education account, which is totally worth it if you want to send out weekly or monthly letters. You can view reports, see how many people actually opened your newsletters, email or post to social networks, and so much more!! Learn more at: (“Getting started with Smore” video)

Social Networking: What is obvious (and no big deal) to you is amazing to others! Share the great things you and your students are doing!! Two great articles to read:




Make a movie!

Be sure to register for a free educator account. You get additional templates and the ability to create longer videos. Animoto is great for promotional videos of all types!


Screencastify is a fantastic free tool for doing screensharing videos. You might want to demonstrate how to use a tool (like your Destiny catalog), or perhaps you want to share the directions for a new game? Screencastify is your answer! It even works beautifully for creating a substitute video to better describe the lesson plan for the day. Videos can be saved to your computer, uploaded to Google Drive, scored in Screencastify, and shared through a weblink or QR code.


Give your students a voice! Flipgrid is an amazing way to get students (and adults) talking. The Disco Library has thousands of templates that you can make your own.

Watch the video to learn more:

The Flipgrid Resource Center will give you everything you need:

Minnesota Digital Library:

Access Instructions:

Access on iOS devices through the free app Biblioboard.

Place any one of or all of the links below on your library’s website to access to provide access:


  • Ebooks Minnesota
  • Children’s
  • Middle Grades
  • Adult
  • Classics
  • Browse by Category
  • Browse by Module
  • Browse by Popular Curations
  • Ebooks Minnesota for Schools





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