Quizizz and Kahoot!

I have been a fan of Kahoot! for a while now. It’s a great way to get your students moving, while competing in a review activity or quiz. For the most part, Kahoot! engages all of the students, motivating them to answer the questions as quickly as possible. And Kahoot! works well for students anywhere from kindergarten through high school, so it really has been a versatile tool. If you haven’t used it, it is definitely a free and easy tool that you should check out today. Kahoot! has loads of teacher-created projects that are shared with the world. You can easily save a public Kahoot! to your own library of Kahoots and edit them for your class.

For more information on Kahoot!, visit their website at http://getkahoot.com. There are many great teacher tips, challenges, success stories, and articles on the website, but if you’re looking for a preview, this video will show you what it’s all about:


However, if you’re looking for a way to quiz your class that provides some of the same game elements and offers the opportunity to let students participate any time/any where, then you’ll also want to take a look at Quizizz. While Kahoot! is intended to be displayed on an interactive whiteboard, Quizizz does not require a board because the entire question and all of the answers appear on the student’s device. This allows you to randomize all of the questions as well as the multiple choice answers. It also allows you to assign a Quizizz quizz as homework that students can complete outside of class.

One of my frustrations with Kahoot! had been that students know instantly if they’re in the top 5 score-wise. Speed is such an important element, but not all students can select the right answer at the same speed. Quizizz takes that element away, because all students can continue to answer questions without having to wait for everyone else to finish, or without having to be concerned about being the last to finish. I think it encourages more continual participation, which is certainly what we’re looking for, right?

Both Kahoot! and Quizizz allow you to create reports, save them, and review them later, as well as to download them to Excel or other programs.

There are additional options as well that make Quizizz a great alternative to Kahoot! although both have a great online library of public quizzes, and both make creating quizzes incredibly easy! I wouldn’t suggest that anyone stop using Kahoot! I would instead recommend that you take a look at Quizizz and add it to your set of teaching tools. You will be glad you did!

Here is a little preview of Quizizz:



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