Seesaw: A Great Online Portfolio

If you’re looking for a way to collect your students’ work digitally, save it, and even share it with parents, look no further! Seesaw App is the greatest tool ever – and ready for use in your classroom!

I am so excited to share about this app! For a brief introduction, check out this information: Signing up is easy and free, and setting your class up takes no time at all!

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 8.41.15 PMWith its easy navigation format – and access through a QR code! – students as young as kindergarten can capture their work and submit it into their own folder. As the teacher you are able to approve the submissions, making certain they are placed in the correct folders.

The greatest part, however, is how young children can select the item they want to submit and then annotate it. Children can add text, drawing, or can even record themselves! This way students can explain or describe any item they wish to share. The possibilities are endless! Students can take a picture of a writing assignment (either paper or digital) and then record themselves reading it. They can snap a screenshot of their score in an app, save the picture, and upload it to their portfolio. Students who have built a great Lego building or created an art project can take a picture and save it to share with others. There are uses for this app in every curricular area and every grade level. It’s amazing!

And what a great tool for sharing projects with family members! The classroom teacher can give parents individualized access to their own child’s work. This lets the parent view the child’s schoolwork and pictures as soon as they are approved. In addition, there are options to allow parents to like and comment on a child’s work. Can you imagine the excitement for a child to see that their parent has liked their work…right during the school day!

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 8.53.11 PM

The teacher resources in the Seesaw Help Center, located at: are incredibly helpful – and provide a huge range of ideas for using Seesaw in class. I am especially excited to share with teachers how the folks at Seesaw have created a set of lessons that help the teacher integrate Seesaw into their classroom. These lessons provide detailed suggestions for lessons in different subject areas, and includes videos to use to teach students how to upload their work. If that wasn’t enough, Seesaw also includes easy-to-print letters for parents and QR code posters for the classroom.

For schools with Google usernames and passwords or 1:1 devices, Seesaw provides options for student logins. No matter which option you select, you can be assured that each student’s work will be private and secure…unless you want to allow all students to access the same project.

Seesaw works on all types of devices. In our primary classrooms where the students share a small set of iPads we have found it to be the perfect solution! So often a frustration with the iPads is that student projects and pictures can only be shared from the individual device. Seesaw changes all that and allows children to share their work. Although it wasn’t intended for this purpose, Seesaw becomes the perfect way to get images off of the iPads so they can be saved to a computer or shared on a website.

I can’t say enough good things about Seesaw! This is one tool you won’t want to be without!

Seesaw is free for classroom teachers. There are premium subscriptions and there are school subscriptions, but whether or not your school subscribes, your classroom can be a Seesaw classroom at no charge. Join Seesaw today!

For more information visit and follow Seesaw on Twitter at @seesaw.

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