Check out Osmo!

If you’ve been on Pinterest lately you have perhaps seen the ads posted about Osmo. I watched the promotional video – and immediately ordered my own and gave the free one to my daughter’s 3rd grade classroom. I am a fan!! If you haven’t seen the video, start here:

If you’re like me and you’re already sold, the link for ordering is here:

Buy an Osmo today and you will receive another free to give to any US classroom.

Still need to hear more? 

The standard set of Osmo comes with 2 sets of alphabet letters and a set of tangram pieces. Just out is the new Numbers game, so if you order the larger set you will also get the number pieces. It is amazing the amount of critical thinking that goes on when students sit down at the Osmo. They are immediately talking to each other, trying to figure out what comes next, and advancing to more difficult levels.

I think the possibilities of additional Osmo activities is endless! I can foresee activities with lower case and upper case letters, mathematical strategies, shapes & colors, and so much more.

Osmo has curriculum for all ages and grades on their website at: And Osmo allows you to store profiles – and add additional images  – so you will never run out of content! You can integrate Osmo into any curricular area!

Adding your own content is easy! Here are the step-by-step directions:

How to create an Album?

  1. Go to your dashboard
  2. Click on New Album and give it the name of your choice. You will be automatically taken to the new album page
  3. Click on New Photo to upload a picture (or to take one, if you are on your iPad!)
  4. Click on the image you have just added
  5. Type your chosen word in the New Word field and select a difficulty. Add a couple more words, the more the merrier! If you want some of the letters to appear as given on the screen, you can simply put them in brackets. A(NT) will show as *NT, for example.
  6. Return to your album to add as many pictures and words as you wish.
  7. Congratulations, you have successfully created your first album!

How to download and play an Album?

Follow these steps from your iPad (iPad 2 or newer).

  1. Download and install Words for Osmo if you haven’t already done so
  2. Launch the Words for Osmo app
  3. Go to Library and tap on Download More. It will take you to
  4. Sign In and you’ll be taken to your dashboard
  5. Tap on your New Album and tap Download to your iPad
  6. The iPad will go back to Words for Osmo. You should then see your new album in the Library
  7. Check your new album and uncheck all the others
  8. Tap New Game and choose whether you want to play Versus or Zen
  9. Have fun!

I hope you’re sold now! But in case you want to see Osmo in action please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email and I’ll bring mine over so you can take it for a test drive! This is one new tool you won’t want to miss!

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