Oct 1, 2018 Symbaloo

If you’re looking for an easy way to organize and share resources, Symbaloo is your answer! Visually, Symbaloo makes it easy for students to locate the websites quickly, and Symbaloo offers the flexibility to arrange those websites in any order you wish. You can update your Symbaloo on the fly, knowing that your most recent updates will be readily available to your students. And once you’ve created a Symbaloo webmix it’s easy to post it on your website or create a link or QR code directly to it.

I’ve used Symbaloo to create small webmixes for a specific class project, posting the directions in one box, a video explanation or example in another, weblinks in additional spots, all color-coded so that students know where to start, and where to go from there. And whether your students are in preschool or high school, or anywhere in between, Symbaloo is the perfect fit!

Symbaloo webmix

The best way for you to understand Symbaloo is to experience it, so take a look at my “How to Symbaloo” webmix: https://www.symbaloo.com/mix/howtosymbaloo7. This site has tutorials, sample webmix links, videos and more, that will have you making your own webmixes in minutes! Want to try one with your class? Let me know, and we can create your own webmix with all the links that you want to share with your students on one page!

And, did I mention that Symbaloo is FREE? You’ll want to check it out today!

Symbaloo is the tool I used to create links for each grade level, and the high school PR Digital Library.  All of these are linked on the Symbaloo above, as well as on our school library homepages, so you can check them out now if you haven’t been using them.

An additional part of Symbaloo, and the real power of it, in my mind, comes with Symbaloo Learning Paths. https://learningpaths.symbaloo.com/

With Learning Paths you can create digital lessons for your students, specifying the order they must complete activities you’ve handpicked. You can put in options, such as selecting different learning activities, and you can add quizzes, games, videos, and much more. Learning Paths are a completely flexible, exciting way to share your curriculum with your students! They make terrific center activities or homework activities, as the pathway is determined by the teacher. And Symbaloo Learning Paths comes with a Marketplace of activities, so you don’t have to start from scratch. Teaching a new lesson? Search for similar lessons for your grade level in the Marketplace to find some great resources to share with your students…already in the Learning Paths format, and ready for you to adjust for your students’ needs!

Symbaloo Learning Paths

Like Symbaloo webmixes, Symbaloo Learning paths are free. Sign up with your school email address (or choose to log in with your Google account) and start creating today!! And, as always, please contact me if I can help you set these up for your class.

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