January 29, 2018

The items that follow are time-sensitive for late January and February. I hope you get a chance to check them out! Please contact me any time if I can help you with anything at all.

February 1 is World Read-Aloud Day: http://www.litworld.org/wrad

Skype is hosting live literacy events that your class will love to participate in. You can learn all about them and register here: https://education.microsoft.com/wrad Sign up for a free Skype account – and enjoy the event with your class right through your own computer with your SmartBoard.

Interested, but not sure if you dare? Email me and I will join your class and do the technology setup with you. This is a fantastic FREE way to bring an author to your classroom!!

Tuesday, Feb 6 is Safer Internet Day: http://saferinternetday.us/

Share this information with your Middle School and High School students and their families. This international event is live-streamed and is focused on this year’s theme: “Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you”

Looking for an activity calendar focused on READING for your February I LOVE TO READ Month? Check out Matthew Winner’s calendar here: https://goo.gl/2V9992 You can print out a PDF version of the calendar, which includes all kinds of great reading activities…and you can find a calendar for each month here, so you might want to bookmark this page for future use.

Looking for a book calendar for the entire year? Then Anita Silvey’s Book-A-Day Almanac is for you!! Find it here: http://childrensbookalmanac.com/. The Children’ s Book-a-Day Almanac is a daily love letter to a book or author. Here you will find events, trivia, and celebrations for every day of the year, as well as a featured children’ s book to explore in more depth. Children’s book expert Anita Silvey discusses what each book is about and who each book is for, and she’ll also walk you behind the scenes to tell some of the backstories of how our classics came to be. While the Children’s Book-a-Day Almanac includes books for toddlers to teens, it’s also organized by age, genre, and theme so that you can find recommendations for the young readers in your life.

Doesn’t it seem like the germs are everywhere this time of year? The National Foundation for Infectious Diseases has some great suggestions for keeping the flu out of school! You can check out their terrific resources here: https://goo.gl/VZ7e7L

Included in this resource are videos, newsletters, handouts, and posters for you to use in your classroom and/or in parent communications. Looking for additional resources? The CDC  – https://goo.gl/48hdqZ  – includes a great guide for sanitizing your classroom and cleaning items like your computer keyboard, along with many other posters and educational materials. Fight those germs today!

Groundhog Day is February 2nd! Learn all about this holiday with the resources at PBS: https://goo.gl/TMwkeP Interested in how the people of Punxsutawney celebrate? Check out their full schedule of events (including many videos) at http://www.pennlive.com/life/2018/01/groundhog_day_2018_schedule.html

Free ACT Practice: https://tutorme.com/

Select the TutorMe logo on our school website – on the very bottom of every page. The code has been activated and students should be able to access the course immediately. All they have to do is enter the code PARKRAPIDS2018 on the checkout page, and they will be able to access the course. Please share this with your students!

  • To register: Click “Get Started”
  • Create your account using your email, your parent’s email, and your own personal password. Click “Create Account” when you are finished.
  • On the checkout page, click “Have a coupon?” Enter the code “PARKRAPIDS2018”.
  • Press “Apply”.
  • The price will go down to $0.00. Make sure you don’t enter any credit card information. Press “Purchase”.
  • Begin the course! You can take the course from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. When you sign out, the course will pick up right where you left off.

Quizizz: https://quizizz.com/

Already a great tool, Quizizz has added a few new features that make it even better! Now you can share your game links through Google Classroom, Remind or Edmodo. The new dashboard shows you where your attention is needed most, and makes it easier to find a quiz, add students, and get individual feedback. Similar to kahoot, Quizizz has some great features that make it well worth checking out!

Digital Literacy Resources: https://goo.gl/kJyzrY

Equipping today’s learners with digital literacy skills, things like coding, collaboration, cloud software management, word processing, screencasting, personal archiving, information evaluation, and social media savvy, is an important part of education. We assume that today’s students are digital natives, and have these abilities just because they can text fast, but there are important lessons that we need to teach students in order for them to become successful in the future. These short video lessons show fun ways to incorporate digital literacy into core subject-area instruction. Check out the lessons – and the free 12 Essentials of Digital Literacy Guide today.

What is Net Neutrality?

Trying to understand Net Neutrality, and all of the news about it lately? This video, created by Burger King, helps explain it in a way we can all understand: https://goo.gl/h5bLzi

Smart Lesson Exchange: http://exchange.smarttech.com/

In working with a teacher this past week I was reminded of all the incredible resources available on your SmartBoards. New presentations are added to the Smart Exchange on a regular basis. It’s easy to download them and adjust them as your own. You do need to have a Smart Exchange account to take advantage of these items, but it is free and just requires registering with your school email address. Please let me know if you’d like to take a look further.

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