September 18, 2017


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This year I will continue to send out a weekly newsletter each Monday with tech tips, shortcuts, tools and resources. Rather than sending it as an attachment so you have to open it, I will be pasting the info into the body of an email. In order to refer back I will also be posting these weekly on my website:

I hope you can skim it sometime during the week. Much of the information will be time-sensitive, so hopefully putting it in this format will be easier to take a quick look at, and click on those links that interest you. I will try to include clear headings so you can see what is pertinent to you.

I am available all week: please email, call or text anytime to set up a time to get together!

A special free webinar: Transform Your Classroom from “Tech-Sort-Of” to Totally Tech-Savvy by Monica Burns. Monica will give you incredible tips for harnessing technology and using it to really transform learning! Register here for the free webinar!

At this free webinar you’ll learn:

  • What you can do to turn students into creators
  • How to check for understanding even if you don’t have a device for every student
  • Tips for getting started with virtual reality
  • The critical steps you need to take to shift your thinking on best practices for technology integration

More Webinars: CK-12 Live Educators: Register here!

CK-12 live educator webinars are back again to help learning come alive in your classes! Join in for an hour walk-through of the free tools and customizable resources CK-12 offers for enhancing and tailoring your class to your specific needs.

The first webinar, “Everything CK-12,” is being hosted September 27 at 4:00 pm PDT. This introductory webinar is the place to start for those new to CK-12 or those who want to explore their newest products and features—all for free! Future webinars will include more in-depth coverage of specific topics such as FlexBooks®, Adaptive Practice, and CK-12 Interactives.

NOTE: Webinars are great because you can register and attend live – or (if you’ve registered) receive the link to watch the video and watch it whenever you can squeeze in the time.

Want to make a QR Code?

QR Codes are a great way to share a URL – or any type of image or message! Use to create QR Codes for all kinds of uses: tape them up in your room, post them in books, share them in newsletters, or create posters out of them. They’re easy to use and easy to create! (Not sure? Give me a call today!)

Elementary Reading Teachers: Readerpillar Challenge Starts Today!

Encourage your students to read all year and keep track of your class’s reading progress with Epic’s printable Readerpillar – as your students reach reading goals throughout the year, Epic will email you special badges to hang on your Readerpillar in the classroom. Feel free to add your own reading goals to the Readerpillar – rewards could include extended recess time, an in-class movie day, pajama day, or playing a favorite class game! Visit their Educator Resources Page to download the Readerpillar and find other resources.  Get Your Readerpillar here

We’d love to see your class’s progress on Twitter #EpicReaderpillar

Staying Organized!

  1. Is your new school year resolution to stay organized? Here are Monica Burns top ten tips and apps for staying organized. You can read all about them here: You’ll want to check out the whole article, but just to give you a teaser, here are the top ten:1.     Pinterest (iOSAndroidweb browser)
    2.     Participate (web browser)
    3.     Paper53 (iOS; upgrades available at a cost)
    4.     Voxer (iOSAndroidweb browser)
    5.     Google Classroom (iOSAndroidweb browser)
    6.     Seesaw (iOSAndroidweb browser)
    7.     Pocket (iOSAndroidweb browser; upgrades available at a cost)
    8.     Twitter Lists (iOSAndroidweb browser)
    9.     30/30 (iOS; upgrades available at a cost)
    10.  State Standards (iOSAndroid)

How would my top ten compare? Here they are:

  1. Seesaw
  2. Google Classroom
  3. Twitter
  4. Shutterfly
  5. Google Expeditions & Discovery VR
  6. Quizizz
  7. Symbaloo
  8. Participate
  9. Pinterest
  10. Educreations

Please don’t hesitate to contact me: I love working with you!





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