Feb 27, 2017

My Upcoming Schedule:

I will be in Park Rapids Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Email me to set a time to meet with me.

I will not be in Nevis this week unless you give me a call or an email to request a meeting. Let me know!

Scheduled Classes:

Monday, Feb 27: Weebly & PR School website, Century Elem lab

Tuesday, Feb 28: Integrating Tech into Math & Science, Century MS lab (Please RSVP)

Wednesday, March 1: Developing Curricular Projects that use Student Created Videos, HS (Please RSVP)

Thursday, March 2: Smart Notebook, Beyond Beginner, Century MS Lab (Please RSVP)

Links for Reading Teachers

I recently shared a large resource of links for teachers of reading (or any teacher that has students reading and writing in their classrooms). Here are what I consider to be “the best of the list”. If you’d like to learn more, or want to integrate technology into your language arts curriculum, please give me a holler!


If you’ve ever wanted your students to provide peer reviews for their classmates, but couldn’t figure out a way to structure it, Peergrade is for you. This tool allows you to collect student work and then redistribute it anonymously. Teachers can see immediately who has completed the feedback and who hasn’t, and students can both score the work of others, and also rate the feedback they’ve received. It even allows for the flagging of inappropriate feedback. Check it out at Peergrade.io today! Did I mention the cost? FREE!

Emperor Science Award Contest for Students Who Love Science

Will one of your science students be among the next generation of cancer researchers? Students in grades 10-11 who are curious about a career in science research (especially related to cancer) can enter to be awarded a mentorship opportunity plus a Google Chromebook and $1500 for project expenses.

Four Tips for Great Direct Instruction:

  1. Use images only in your presentation: Using images without text helps students remember more. When students are reading text and listening to you at the same time they actually learn and retain less!
  2. Let students reflect: Pausing for reflection time – by asking a formative assessment question or by having students write down their thoughts allows the time to process what you’ve said. They will stay more alert and remember more later!
  3. Personalize it: Directly tie what you are saying to your experiences or to those of your students. Retention improves when students can connect it to other memories.
  4. Close devices or put them away: Unless a device is needed to complete a task, require students to keep them closed, turned off, or otherwise hidden. For many students, just waiting for that next text message or alert is distracting them from listening fully.

Google Chrome Scam Reminder:

If you use Google Chrome as your internet browser, be on the lookout for a malware scam. This scam tries to trick you with a popup window asking you to perform an update. If you download this it will infect your computer with malware. Chrome will not ask you to perform updates this way. If you run into this popup, simply close the window you’re in and move along. Do not download!

Google Searching:

Do you have trouble locating quality resources when you search? Here are a few tips!

  • Type directly into the Omnibox (the URL bar) – you don’t need to open a Google Search page. Try these quick searches:

*timer/stop watch   *time in Paris    *temperature in Winnipeg     *math (652 x 481)

  • Fun stuff to try: Flip a coin, Roll a dice, Google Gravity, Random Number 1-100
  • Use unique, specific terms, spaced/spelled correctly (Super Bowl 2018 date)
  • Use quotation marks to keep “grouped words” together
  • Use “base” words (timberwolf, not timberwolves; kayak, not kayaking)
  • Use Advanced Searches – specific date, images, etc.
  • Make use of Autocomplete (and for fun, watch this video on Google Autocomplete: goo.gl/JSWR66

Swivl Pioneer Opportunity

If you’ve had a chance to try out one of the Swivl observation tools, Swivl wants to support you! You can become a Swivl Pioneer by applying here: www.swivl.com/pioneer-application. Pioneers are asked to engage with the Swivl community, write a blog post, share content you create, participate in periodic interviews, and refer like-minded friends to become Pioneers. You may even be asked to represent Swivl at an educational conference.

For your efforts you will receive a Swivl Pioneer title and badge, a free Pro+ account, an expand lens, an M2 marker pack, a Swivl swag bag, early access to new features, and the opportunity to connect with other Swivl Pioneers. Only one Swivl Pioneer is accepted per school. Apply today!

One More Note

Do you read these newsletters? If so, please send me an email or give me a call. If you do, I have a prize for you (a nice one!). And – THANKS for reading!!

Park Rapids Tentative Classes

Please note: register ahead of time and I will move the class to your building, if possible. J Remember, if at any time you want training, advice, guidance, or help in your classroom or with your team, you can contact me to set something up at your convenience. Thanks!

Date Location Title Description
Monday, Feb 27 Century Elem Lab Weebly websites

(Or PR School Website)

Weebly is an easy tool anyone can use to create a free website. Bring your ideas and try setting up your own website today!
Tuesday, Feb 28 Century MS Lab Integrating Technology into Math/Science Science and math online tools, apps and activities are abundant. Come to see some of my favorites tools, and the resources to find them.
Wednesday, March 1 High School Developing Curricular Projects that use Student Created Videos With all these individual devices students of all ages can make excellent videos. No matter what level you teach, there are tools your students can use to create their own video projects. Come plan one today!
Thursday, March 2 Century MS Lab SmartBoard: Beyond Beginner Want to do more with your SmartBoard? We will look at lessons & tools that will increase your use (and your students’ use) of the SmartBoard, in some exciting ways!
Monday, March 6 Century ES Lab Smart Notebook: Creating Lessons This class will take you through the Smart Notebook tools. We will create our own lessons, discover many new features, and you will have a chance to see how easy it is to personalize your lessons with Smart Notebook.
Tuesday, March 14 High School Using Google Docs in the Classroom In this class you will have a chance to go through your Google Drive and organize it, practice sharing Google Docs with others and review the collaborative tools, and see how Google Docs can increase your efficiency in school.
Thursday, March 16 Century MS Lab Using Google Forms & Spreadsheets Parent Surveys, Student Quizzes, Data Collection, all can be gathered and organized efficiently with Google Forms. Display survey data, grade quizzes and tests, and so much more. Bring a quiz or survey idea so you can build your own Form.

Nevis Tentative Classes

Please note: RSVP ahead of time so I know someone is attending. J Remember, if at any time you want training, advice, guidance, or help in your classroom or with your team, you can contact me to set something up at your convenience. Thanks!

Date Title Description
Wednesday, March 8 Weebly Working on a Weebly website? This is an “open lab” time, with guidance for you on building your classroom website.
Wednesday, March 15 Integrating Technology into Reading/Language Arts Looking for technology tools for your reading/language arts curriculum? We will look at online tools, apps, and activities for reading, spelling, vocabulary, comprehension, writing, and much more!
Monday, March 20 Virtual Field Trips Explore Virtual Reality apps, virtual field trips, and their usefulness in the classroom, during this hands-on workshop. Bring either your Android or Apple phone, and a tablet (iPad or Chromebook). I have a few viewers to try out as well – but bring your own if you have one.

March 23

Integrating Technology into Math/Science Science and math online tools, apps and activities are abundant. Come to see some of my favorites tools, and the resources to find them.


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